Flexi Part Time / Extra Income - R&D Company

07 October 2014   Published by on9ebizteam

Flexi Part Time / Extra Income - R&D Company

We are looking for youngster or anyone who have entrepreneur mindset and those who wanna change their life!!

Are you looking for extra income in free time? Urgent and Limited Offer position It is the good time for you plan about your future. Do you want to look for a second source of income, start set up better financial for yourself and your family.
- International R&D Company Since 1999
- No need experience
- Time is flexible
- Provide training courses (Train be Successful)
- Learning soft skills, leadership and management skills free course.

Monthly Part time income: RM1200 to RM3,000
Location based: Penang,Ipoh, KL First come first serve.

To who are interested , please SMS your data (name, age, occupation, location area) to 018-9435117 or email to on9ebizteam@gmail.com. For further information please refer on9ebizteam.webs.com.
Have a nice day & good luck!

Pay: RM3000

Location: Kota Damansara, Subang Jaya, Petaling Jaya, Puchong, Klang Valley / Selangor
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