16 August 2010  

We are established company. Our Product No. 1 in KOREA!
We are looking Full time/ Part time Health Planner. After Training u will get allw taraining RM300+basic allow selama 6bln+Bonus comm.+Performance Allwnce+Basic comm.


1)If u sell 1 unit water purifier u will get extra income RM900 -RM1200

2)3 unit : RM2100 - RM2500

3)5 unit : RM3500 - RM4000

4)10 unit :RM6600

Wait.. if u can achieved company target u will promote to be our Health Manager - Min income RM10K (No Education Background Needed!)

Come join Us..

Drop ur details at my mail for further info.
Name-address-no fon- to

Pay: RMNegotiable

Location: / Kuala Lumpur
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