RM80++ Promoters : Roadshow/Exhibition Promoter by Coway Basic

17 August 2012   Published by cowaybasic

i. Responsible
ii. Good Personality
iii. Aggresive in promoting product
iv. High Commitment

1. Preferable Chinese and Malay
2. Both Male and Female are welcome to apply
3. In between 17 to 28 years old
4. Working Hour: 9-12 hours
5. Salary + commision - RM 80 - RM200
6. Working Schedule:

(i)Perfect Livin'12 (PWTC - KL)
*30 August - 2 September 2012

(ii)Perfect Livin'12 (PISA,Penang)
*7-9 September 2012

(iii)HomeDec 2012 (1 Borneo,Sabah)
*15-17 September 2012

Pay: RM80- RM200/ Day (Salary + Commision)

Location: KL,Penang, Johor / Other
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