21 June 2014  

Field Work:

You only need to process data from home and advertising at any time you desire. By registering as a Typist Data Processing advertising, you only need to:

1. Process data on advertising,

2. Work from home, cyber cafe, offices, colleges, etc.,

3. Any time (you set your own time schedule)


Although we do not impose any conditions as academic Typist Data Processing advertising, we only find an individual that is honest, motivated, enthusiastic and willing to work hard to increase revenue, but in the comfort of their own home and at the same time flexible. Conditions are:
* Aged 16 years and above,
* Access to Internet at home (or office, cyber cafes, college, etc.),
* Basic knowledge of computer (typing, Internet, email, etc.),
* Can work according to the instructions / guidelines
* It is not suitable for those who complain a lot, get lazy and want easy money without working.

Either work full time or part-time (part time), it is up to you to ordain. Typist Data Processing advertising is open to anyone, government employees, private employees, unemployed, students, good household, former military / police, traders, or farmers; all are encouraged to participate.

For more information, please visit: SSDISHAR.WEBS.COM

Pay: RM300-800/week

Location: / Kuala Lumpur
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