e-Education Career (Highly Rewarding Career)

06 April 2014   Published by on9ebizteam

e-Education Career (Highly Rewarding Career)
Kota Damansara, Klang Valley, Subang Jaya, Melaka, Seremban

READ this if you are serious to have an exciting yet high financially rewarded career !!!

We are an International company, based in Malaysia, who runs a very successful E-Learning Programme, with a rock solid background of 12 years in the industry.
We develop “High Power Leaders”, who think on the same wave length with the company and that is to possess “A DREAM” together we will turn your “Dream Career into Reality”.

Leadership Development Programme
We possess the most conductive training platform to develop High Power Leaders in the shortest period of time. We have produced many 5-figure income earners throughout the periods.

Through our training we will be able to chart your:
- Personal growth
- Financial stability
- Part Time Income RM1,000 to RM3,000
- Full Time Income RM3,000 to RM8,000++

- Responsible for development and delivery of product demonstrations
- Responsible for representing the product to customers
- To develop new market and service existing customer
- Enthusiastic, friendly and ability to interact at all level
-Training will be provided to develop relevant knowledge and skills

- Pleasant personality and good communication skills
- Self-motivated to succeed, aggressive, ambitious and result oriented
- Possess own transport and willing to travel if needed
- Excellent leadership, communication and interpersonal skills
- Working experience is not required, therefore, Fresh Graduate is encourage to apply
- Training and guidance will be provided for new comers
- Successful candidates will be trained and promoted to group leader and manager status

If you think you want to have a great career, then you are the one we are finding !!!
Just submit your particular detail to on9ebizteam@gmail.com .
- Name
- Age
- Current Job
- Transport availability
- Contact
- Area
- Working Experience

Or visit www.on9ebizteam.webs.com to submit your application/any enquiry.

Pay: RM3000++/month

Location: Klang valley, PJ, Kota Damansara, Subang Jaya / Selangor
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