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03 April 2009   Published by johnson

Pepper spray, a non-lethal and easy to use self-defense method, works well as protection against thieves, drunks and other miscreants. It causes tearing, irritation and temporarily blinds the victim when sprayed in the eyes. The natural, chili-derived ingredients in pepper spray make it a comfortable self-defense choice for many people, who shy away from the harsh chemical compounds in other self-defense sprays.

Why use pepper spray?

? It stops your attacker ... it hurts them ... it will cause the eyes will seal with tears, the nose will begin to run with mucous, there will be excessive coughing and a shortness of breath while you are escape safely from the crime scene and seeking for help.

? Therefore, investing in a basic self defense product to protect and defend yourself. Pepper spray is simple to use, effective, inexpensive, environmentally friendly and give you instant protection. You can use it on stray dogs, wild animals or humans.

Best use for...

? in your purse

? for your car

? carrying in a pocket

? while jogging

? while on a date

? against vicious animals

? hiking and camping

? in the bedroom

? in your office/workplace/car park

? while walking at roadside / waiting for bus

Able to spray up to 7 feets.

Contain: 18 ML

Can be used several times until it finish, not 1 time usage only.


You spend only RM 0.03 cent per day to give yours loved 1 a protection, even if you not able to stay with them every second. GRAB IT NOW!!!


Pay: RM120/days

Location: KL / Kuala Lumpur
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